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2015 Tsukuba International Artist in Residence


Nicola Gear  Scotland




"A Sequence of Traces/Shadow Play"
This work draws attention to patterns of light and dark created by natural light and its constantly changing and unpredictable character. I have been tracing time passing, by drawing lines in chalk on the floor. The lines follow where light and dark meet. Each line references a particular time, and the lines move across the floor as the sun moves in the sky. The shadows are created by the openings in the walls and the objects inside the mill building. Also the light is effected by trees surrounding the building and by clouds covering the sun.  The sound installation is a counterpoint to this shadow play. It records sounds of the artists making work around the Exhibition Hall, materials and forms emerge from these fragments. Both of these works seek to make a temporary trace of an event, and fade quickly. Both works relate to waking up each morning in a room with paper walls, covered in moving shadows of people and trees; a delicate line between inside and outside.

Photo by Takuma Kotake

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